I design and make bold, colourful and decorative jewellery using my own handmade glass beads and textured silver work. All the components in my pieces are handmade by myself in my home studio in Wales. 

I make the beads using the ancient 'Lampwork' technique, which is thought to have it's origins in the 5th Century BC. This method involves making each bead individually by melting glass rods in a hot torch flame and winding the molten glass around a metal rod using gravity and manipulation to make a basic  bead.  Decoration is added by applying layer upon layer of more glass in different colours and shapes, melting each layer in until I am happy with the result. Although each bead begins with a vision of the size, shape and decorative style I am aiming for, the detailed choices of colour and pattern are very much made 'in the moment'  in response to the dynamic process of glass reacting with flame. 

My  hammered and oxidised silver work complements the beads, adds greater detail to the overall piece, and allows  finished designs which showcase the rich variety of textures that hand-crafting can allow.  For strung necklaces I use Crawfords waxed Irish linen cord, handstitched silk or vintage Japanese kimono cord.

My work is influenced by all the art I have ever loved - and the list keeps growing! This ranges from Roman Mosaics at Lullingstone Villa on a primary school trip, Ottoman Empire Ceramics and Illustrated Medieval Manuscripts at the British Museum as an adult, to 1950's fabric design, traditional patchworks and traditional Indian textiles - with many others in between. I studied Medieval history at University and so history and historical artefacts have always been of great interest to me.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do making it.



Bevere Gallery. Bevere Lane, Worcester WR3 7RQ

Llantarnam Grange Art Centre, Cwmbran, Wales.


Handmade Britain Online Shop:  www.handmadeinbritain.co.uk/shop

SHOWS 2018:

Festival of Crafts, Farnham Maltings 27th 28th October.


Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, 12th - 15th October 2017

Exhibition of Festive Treasure, The Emporium Art Gallery, Lichfield, 12th October - 13th January 2018

Craft Gallery Showcase, The Old Mayor's Parlour, Hereford June - August 2017

Blue Magpie Designer/Maker Craft Market, Elmslie House, Malvern, 18th & 19th November 2017

The Workshop Designer/Maker Christmas Sale, Dulwich, London, 2nd December

SHOWS 2016:

Hereford Contemporary.  November 2016


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